Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My mama's big blue birthday surprise!

My mom wanted to give me something for my twenty-fifth birthday that I would have forever and be able to use for a long time. She also wanted me to be able to look at it knowing that it was a gift from my mom on my 25th birthday. (Have I mentioned how wonderful she is?!) She did very well.

When we were in Oregon she gave me a hint: "It's a big ticket item, and it's from Macy's" then she got this very confident cocky look in her eyes when she told me that it's something I would always have and how much I would love it. Well, I then took the opportunity to tell her to please not spend her money, I would much prefer something vintage and unique and that I didn't think she could find something like that Macy's (nothing against Macy's, just didn't want her spending a bunch of money on me!) She kept laughing and telling me that she was sure I was going to love it! Then she said that it's comes in either yellow or blue....and then I knew!! I was so excited I couldn't wait to try it out! I had wanted one so badly for our wedding and now I was going to have one! I picked out "Ice Blue" which is very retro inspired and I absaloutely love it (as evident in the pictures!).

I even had a chance to try it out before I left for France too! It was the mushy French macaroons NEXT time it's going to be much better!

Thanks mama, I love it and YOU!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: very delayed birthday teaser!

Mother's Day Gifts Gone Awry...

In all of the madness of getting ready for France and working like a crazy person I still wanted to make sure that we really took time to do something special for our grandmothers and mothers to let them know how much they mean to us. I hadn't had much time to craft or design anything lately so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity! I also wanted the gifts to have a fun French theme to them.

I made homemade French Vanilla extract in this adorable little bottle with a cute printable label and all. My second project was going to make French Macaroons in cute little cellophane bags with nice printable labels attached to them.

My vanilla went off without a hitch, my bags and labels for the cookies were adorable! We made the cookies and if you've never cooked French Macaroons they're very delicate and you make the shells of the cookies then fill them with frosting and make them like sandwiches.

They were very fragile and I packed them very gently into the bags and shipped them with the vanilla off to our moms!

Then the phone calls started..."So...I got my Mother's Day package and the vanilla looked great...but, um, what was in the cellophane bag?" These were the guesses we got "Something to make cookies with?", "Play-doh?" and a "What IS this?!"

I guess that they actually ended up looking something more like this:

Oh's the thought that counts right?