Saturday, July 17, 2010

Champs de Elysee, Le Arc de Triumph and me stuffing my face a little...

I got a bit of a late start to my last day in Paris, but I was still able to squeeze in a few things. You know, like Musee de Orsay, climbing Le Arc de Triumph, walking the Champs de Elysee, getting some treats from Laduree and relaxing in the Jardin de Tuileries. So, not a total waste of a day.

The Musee de Orsay was cool, there were so many different famous paintings and artists that one hears about and it's incredible to actually be able to see them in person. However, it's no Louvre, and the price of admission, plus the headset (twice because of a special exhibition) was more expensive than the Louvre and the fact that you can't take pictures there was a little annoying, but c'est pas grave. The best part about it in my opinion, was the special exhibition they had. It was called "Crime and Punishment" and it featured an actual guillotine that was used, decapitated heads from said guillotine that had been frozen in time with some combination of formaldehyde and a wax-like substance, crime scene photographs, and former torture devices. What, not your cup of tea? Well, it appealed to my morbid self that had one day thought I might be a crime scene profiler (sorry I couldn't take pictures!).

After the Musee de Orsay I decided that having chosen to save the Eiffel Tower for my next trip
I better climb at least one Parisian monument, so Le Arc de Triumph it was! As you can tell from the pictures, it was rather windy up there! It was amazing to see how
elegantly the town had been laid out, you can see nearly all of Paris and how intentional everything was.

When I was done admiring, and resting after the 283 steps up to the top, I headed down the
Champs de Elysee. There are so many beautiful shops and sights, I loved getting inspiration from all of the interesting window displays too! One of my favorite shops was the very famous Laduree. They have gorgeous macaroons and other confectionaries. I bought some macaroons and a cafe flavored eclair. It was INCREDIBLE, and I don't even like eclairs!

Before heading back to the metro and my temporary home, I took a little rest at the Jaridin de
Tuileries to let my intense sugar high burn off a little. There are several large pond/pools where you can sit around and contemplate your life. Quite wonderful and a great end to my first Parisian adventure!

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  1. Sounds like fun...minus the guillotine! lol. You need to bring me back an ├ęclair,btw! Love reading about your adventures Bekah!!