Monday, July 12, 2010

Versailles...this photo montage works!

For some reason last time the Versailles photo montage was the same as the Louvre one, so this one should work and is actually different! (Also, excuse the song, it picked it and I was too annoyed to go through and try to change it, feel free to mute!)

My favorite place in Paris was Versailles. I could live there, and it's so big that I probably could actually hide somewhere and attempt to go unnoticed! Versailles is slightly out of Paris and has the Versailles palace, ponds, acres (or hecters) upon acres of gardens, different amazing buildings and apartments, Marie Antoinette's house, "mini Venice" with running gondolas and all! There is still more than this too. Addy (my friend from back home) and I spent over five hours there and I could have stayed for days to really see it all. In an attemp to be able to narrow down the hundreds (literally) of pictures I took there here is a montage:

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